Visit the gallery!

We’re very fortunate to have a talented amateur photographer in the village. Bev Husbands has taken hundreds of photos of various village events, Barton residents and the village itself. We’ve included a whole stack of them on our Gallery page, and needless to say we’ll be adding to it in the future. So be sure to visit the page and have a look – if you’ve attended a Riverside Revelry or one of our other social occasions, there’s a good chance you’ll be on there somewhere!

You can leave comments on the photos, but they may not appear immediately as they are moderated first (to ensure that they’re proper comments and not spam). In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding social network integration, meaning you’ll be able to share individual photos straight from the site onto your Facebook or Twitter profile. (Other social networks will be included as well.)

You can visit the Gallery page by clicking here. Enjoy!