Neighbourhood Watch

Although we’re lucky to live in relative peace and quiet here in Barton, it goes without saying that there are occasional incidents of criminal activity, whether they be in the village itself or the surrounding area. With this in mind, Denise Walter has been in touch with our local Police Force in an attempt to improve the information we have been receiving from them, which had recently become very sporadic. We’re delighted to report that Denise has been successful in getting things up and running once again, and it was decided that the Barton Village website would be the most effective place to post any information provided.

The Alcester Police South team post a weekly update, which is posted on their website as well as being emailed to the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators. You can find all the latest updates by clicking here:

Finally, it has been suggested that if you know of any crime that does not appear in the newsletter and you think it would be helpful for neighbours to know about it, you can either contact our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Denise Walter on, or you can email me directly here: