You need only walk from one end of Barton to the other to see that it is steeped in history. Many of the buildings are hundreds of years old, and the overall look of the village has not changed greatly for a long time. Hopefully, with this page we are going to tell the story of Barton through the ages. But we need your help to do it!

Get involved!

Do you have any old photos of the village that we could include here? Or, just as good, do you know any good stories about Barton that you’d like to tell? It could be anything – from the last fifty years, from the time of World War Two, even going right back to the origins of the village. The rest of the website covers what’s happening in Barton now very well, but we’d like to use this little bit to tell people about what happened then. So please, if you have anything at all to contribute, do get in touch with me.

Shaun Coward
4 Welford Road
Tel: 01789 774705

PS. A quick note about the flooding pictures below – they were obviously taken a long time ago! As most of you will know, whilst there can be the occasional problem with water on the roads outside the village, Barton itself does not flood!

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