The Barton Fantasy Football League

There is a £15 entry fee, of which £5 goes to BVF. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second, third and thirteenth place, with the amounts being decided once the number of entrants has been confirmed. Those of you that have played before will be aware of how it all works, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick run down of the details.

Entries into the league naturally happen just before kick-off of the first match of the season (naturally some managers are a little tardy) – so if you’re not a part of the action this season, make sure you get a team in next time!

Pick your team!

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, on the face of it, yes. But you are restricted to eleven players, and you may only have one player from any one team. You have a budget of £47m, which in the real world would get you about two-thirds of Harry Kane. Luckily, the cost of the players is not set to reflect their actual value, although naturally you will pay more for players that are likely to score plenty of points.

You must pick players to a 4-4-2 formation, that is: one goalkeeper, four defenders (no longer two full backs and two centre backs), four midfielders and two strikers.

Ineligible players

To make things a little more interesting, there are certain players that you are not allowed to select. These are the highest scoring players from the previous season, and it means that a little extra thought may be required for your team! It’s a simple way of making everybody mix their team up a bit, rather than us all picking more or less the same players.
Interested? – please contact Charles Husbands (01789 772701 or


Points are only awarded for Premier League matches; you cannot score points for cup games, Champions League/Europa League or internationals. The breakdown for points is as follows:

Goal: 3 pts
Assist (last completed pass from attacking player to goalscorer): 2 pts
Defender/goalkeeper appearance (playing 45 minutes or more of a match: 1 pt
Defender/goalkeeper clean sheet (when on the filed for 75 full minutes or more, includes appearance point): 3pts
Defender/goalkeeper goal conceded: -1 pt


Not happy with your team? Here’s the good news: you can make up to three transfers each month. It’s a double edged sword though – there are examples of people scoring fewer points than they would have if they’d resisted the temptation to tinker!

Transfers commence from the first Monday of each each Fantasy Football League month. So, if your team is having a real stinker during September and you wish to make changes for the following month, you’d have to make those changes prior to the first Monday in October. (You’ll get the hang of it!)

Normal rules apply for transfers in that you are still only allowed one player from any team, and your total team value cannot exceed £47m.Please note that after a transfer deadline, all eleven of your players must play for eleven different teams. If a player moves from one Premier League club to another, he stays with the original club until you declare that he has moved to the new club. However, if you wish to bring him into your team, his club is his new club. This stops the organiser from constantly having to chase people to change their teams!

To score points for the whole of the season you must have entered by the first match of the season. If for good reason, you cannot get your team in by that date, you will be given an average score (rounded down) for the full week(s) you have missed (up to early September).