Thanks to the hard work of Pat Iskander and Denise Walter, Barton is the proud owner of an AED Unit, otherwise know as a heart defibrillator. The box containing the defibrillator is situated at the front of the Cottage of Content, and is checked weekly by me (Shaun). Those checks are sent off to AED Locator, who in turn notify the ambulance service that the unit is fully functional.

It’s useful to have training to use one of these defibrillators, but not essential as instructions are given when the unit is used. There has been a training session in the Cottage, but if anyone else would be interested in learning how it works, do please get in touch.

You can find plenty of information about using a defibrillator on the St John’s Ambulance website – click here:–defibrillator-aed.aspx