The Barton Village Fund

A small but mighty village. Despite having a population of just 80 or so, for the past decade Barton residents have donated a magnificent £50,000 to local charities.

What started as a “pub conversation” some 12 years ago, has now developed into a well-oiled charity fundraising machine. Initially proposed to raise money for the local Macmillan Nursing team who had treated a much-loved village resident, the ‘Barton Village Fund’ was born and the hard work began. Over the years the volunteers have organised a range of events…………

So – we have a “committee” of 6, and naturally the committee calls upon villagers and friends of the village to support all events – either in terms of ideas, bodies, donations, or attending and enjoying events.

The committee are Charles Husbands (Chair), Ian Barnes (Treasurer), Kay Atkins (Secretary), Shaun Coward, Paul Fleming and Keith Goodchild.