BVF Race Night, Friday 16th March

Firstly, you may wonder why it is in Bidford, not in Barton. Having considered using the Pub, we felt that its configuration and regular custom, would potentially reduce the number of tickets we could sell and of course, this is where the majority of our income emanates from. The Church Hall can accommodate far more people, more comfortably and with ease of access to the Bookies in between Races. In mid March, it was not conducive to run this event outside under a Gazebo!

The ticket price will be £12.50 and includes a catered Fish ‘n Chip supper, £200 worth of ‘funny money’ individual gambling stake and 3 prizes for the top Tipsters on the night.

We will also run a bar with Wines, Beer, Cider and soft drinks available throughout the evening. There may be some surprise Auction items too. It will be possible to sponsor a Race on the card by way of Advertising for your business and there will be at least 7 Races on the night. Race sponsorship is a minimum donation of £20 and your names will be promoted throughout the evening.

We get ‘under starters orders’ at 7pm prompt, with the first Race scheduled for 7.20pm. Presentations for the top Tipsters will be made around 10.45pm with carriages at 11pm.

To make the evening even more enjoyable, we encourage you to think of this as a day at the Races. Dress for the occasion, big hats, tweed jackets, jodhpurs, silks and dare we say, whips, are all welcomed. Why not make it a real event for you party of race going friends?

As ever, all our net proceeds will support BVF Charitable activities in 2018. Tickets are going to be available shortly from all BVF Committee members. To avoid disappointment, pre-order your tickets by emailing our Race Night Compare, Keith Goodchild at

This event is the forerunner (excuse the pun) of our annual Fund Raiser to be held at Pilgrim Lock, Barton, on Saturday 16th June 1pm to 5pm. More details to follow shortly. So, for now, please don’t procrastinate, pre-book your tickets by contacting Keith. The venue is heated, comfortable seating provided and it will be a great night.