Barton Book Club

Barton Book Club… our very own BBC… began at a girl’s Christmas night out ten years ago, with the first meeting being in January and it is still going strong today. There are eight lady members (five originals) who take it in turns to host the event once a month and choose the next book to be read. Eight seemed the perfect number as most people can seat eight somehow and the conversation doesn’t get too out of hand considering the amount of wine on offer.

Of course before the book is considered, the world has to be put to rights, all the village Klargesters discussed as to their correct functioning and the antics of various grandchildren and spouses shared. Contrary to various husbands’ ideas, the book is the focus of the evening and often being one that you wouldn’t have chosen yourself. In all those years there has only been one book that was universally hated (and unfinished by most) and many have become firm favourites. Just over 100 books have been read and discussed, and never choosing the same author twice has given such a variation in style and content that the BBC has provided years of fun and interest. Here’s to many more!

Bev Husbands