Barton HGV traffic update

A number of Barton residents attended the PCC meeting held on 25th January. Ian Barnes, Julia Grice and Iain Forbes were able to raise the issues of Speed, Pedestrian Safety and HGV traffic volumes through Barton, echoing the points raised in Keith Goodchild’s report. Both Ian and Julia also commented on the safety aspects of leaving their driveways and the fact that the 50mph speed limit immediately before entering the village encouraged speeding into the hamlet.

The PCC made it clear that policing of speed restrictions is a Warwickshire Constabulary issue and that whilst the PCC deals with certain traffic related issues, it is not responsible for or can influence such matters. The PCC said it was up to the local residents to bring this matter to the attention of the Police at the quarterly forum due in March.

The PCC further advised that the Police are able to supply hand held Speed monitoring equipment if residents of the village wished to undertake traffic monitoring. Although members of the public cannot issue speeding fines, they are able to provide speed awareness warnings and of course the camera files can be handed to the Police to pursue as they wish. This may well be something that Barton should consider.

When the subject of HGV’s using local routes was discussed on the Agenda, it was clear from comments made by the PCC that Warwickshire County Council (WCC), is acutely aware of our problems and they will pay attention to them. In the meantime, they have commissioned a number of road surveys for HGV traffic which will take place over the next few weeks. Barton is very much in focus and the PCC has agreed to submit Keith Goodchild’s report to the WCC as supporting evidence for the case.

The findings from the wider survey will provide more evidence and lead to potential solutions. As soon as we have further information we will update you here.