Barton Flood Forum meeting, 07/04/2016

Nine villagers from Barton (Harry Knight, Rona Fitzpatrick, Andrew Taylor, David Day, Iain Forbes, Pat & Barry Iskander, Paul & Sarah Birch of Grace House) attended.

It was a very useful meeting with representatives from Highways, Environment Agency, Flood Risk Management, WCC and the Flood Resilience Team.

We were reassured regarding the maintenance schedule undertaken by EA of the flood bank and pump. In future when checks have taken place the Flood Group will be notified so that we can monitor and be up to date with these. The EA’s Incident Management Procedure has improved as a result of the most recent floods so if we do need to contact them in a flood situation their response time and resources available will be better than previously.

Highways will undertake to clear drains once or twice a year but if problems occur in-between their scheduled visits we can request them to come either via Highways on 01926 412515, contact David Elliston or request the Lengthsman via the Parish Clerk on 01789 778653 or 07718 628925 or

An ongoing problem is gravel from the lane by Barton Farm House being washed into the drains. This causes blockages resulting in water on the road. Highways have dug additional trenches to help surface water into the drains. Unfortunately it is not financially viable for the lane to be tarmaced so the best solution is to try to push the water off the lane and into the ditches and drains. Highways have agreed to put 3 or 4 humps on the lane to try and facilitate this.

Concerns were raised by the Group regarding the flooding by the Dorsington turn. During floods water lodged there can be much deeper than immediately apparent. It was agreed that the Council would look in to putting signage on the ends of the bridge over the culvert indicating the depth and hopefully discouraging vehicles to drive through when unsafe to do so.

Finally the Group are going to liaise with the Flood Resilience Team to come up with a Resilience Plan specific to Barton. This will list all relevant contacts and their numbers, identify procedures in the event of flooding and perhaps identify those needing special help. We will publish this to all villagers once finalised.

Any queries or questions as ever don’t hesitate to get in touch.