Barton Flood Defence Group

Like a great many riverside towns and villages, Barton is occasionally affected by issues of flooding during periods of sustained bad weather. Although it’s worth pointing out that village itself tends not to flood, we are prone to getting cut off at the Welford end of the village and sometimes the Bidford end too.

National Flood Forum

In order to address the flooding issues faced by the village, the Barton Flood Defence Group was formed. The group members are as follows:

Harry Knight – Chairman
Rona Fitzpatrick – Secretary (and contact)
David Day
Penny Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Nick Jones

(Picture above taken in 2012 by Shaun. Children, as you can see, were devastated to miss a day of school. Every cloud…)

A survey of Barton residents has produced a list of concerns, and a meeting is now being arranged with all of the relevant agencies. A report of this meeting and future developments will be posted here on the Barton Village website. If you’d like to contact the Barton Flood Defence Group, you can email them here:

The group is working with the National Flood Forum, and what follows is a message from the Community Flood Resilience Office for Warwickshire, Naomi Gibson.

The National Flood Forum (NFF) is a charity that works to support and represent flood risk communities. By working on a local level with the community, we collate flooding issues and suggested solutions from the people who have experienced flooding first hand. A rolling action plan is drawn up with all issues, big or small, and these are presented in a non-contentious way to the flood risk management authorities. The core agencies include: County Council Flood Risk Management team, Environment Agency, Local Council, Water Company and County Highways team. Depending upon the nature of the issues within the rolling action plan others may be required such as The Canal and Rivers trust, NFU etc.

By holding multi-agency meetings, the community are able to meet and speak with the representatives from each authority. They are able to build a relationship and work with the agency to try and sort local flooding issues. By having all agencies in the same room, there is no buck-passing over ownership/responsibility of assets; a common frustration of communities. They are able to work together to determine viable solutions, share funding if necessary and have the ability to to discuss funding opportunities in the future. The multi-agency meetings are held frequently (depending on the actions and timescales discussed at the multi-agency meeting) so that the agencies are able to feed information back to the group and the community receive the feedback they require.

Within Barton, a Flood Action Group has been established and they are currently in the process of having a multi-agency meeting organised. A draft action plan has been completed, however this is of a rolling nature and any issues or suggested solutions related to flooding are welcomed. These can be sent directly to the group at Any further information about the National Flood Forum can be found at or my details are below.

It is hoped that resilience can be increased during flooding and emergencies within Warwickshire and once the Flood Group is established, multi-agency meetings have been held and the group feels confident, emergency plans can be designed. These will assist the community during an emergency, ensuring the right agencies are contacted and aware of the situation within the locality. It will also aid in ensuring vulnerable people are safe, limited damage to properties and belongings and most importantly, the safety of the residents. These are often simplistic with a trigger and an action so that the residents know what they should be doing in an emergency.
Many thanks
Naomi Gibson
Community Flood Resilience Officer (Warwickshire)
07926 326713