Barton Fantasy Football League is about to start!

Yes, that painful few months without proper football is almost over. (Yes, I know there was a World Cup. But personally, I think there’s limited entertainment value in watching England be useless and Germany be brilliant.) The new Premier League season starts in just a couple of weeks, which I guess means the nights will soon start drawing in and we can all complain about the weather again. BRILLIANT.

As usual, Charles is running yet another Barton Fantasy Football League, and it’s about time you started thinking about your team. the entry fee remains £15, with £5 going to BVF. Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 13th, with the amount determined by the number of entrants. Look, you probably know the drill by now. If, however, you are a newcomer to the world of fantasy football, head over to our dedicated page, where you can find a little more information regarding the rules and how it all works.

Pictured: the cream of England's footballers, 1970

Pictured: the cream of England’s footballers, 1970

Last season was as competitive as ever, although I am naturally pleased to report that I was able to win without losing any more hair. It would appear that I have drunkenly engaged Charles in a bet that I will successfully defend the title this season, which means I’ve probably got last place in the bag. (To be honest, I don’t actually recall entering into this agreement, and I suspect that Charles has invented it as a means to put me under further stress. Either that or I was drunk.)

I will be posting regular updates here as I receive them from Charles, so stay tuned…

Good luck! (But not too much.)