2020 News!

So what are the ideas and plans for 2020 ?

You guessed it – unfortunately due to Covid-19 our aspirations for 2020 have been scuppered.
Let’s hope we can re-invigorate for 2021 !! Although we all hope that carols around the Christmas Tree can still happen a few days before Christmas.


    Further participation in the 100 Club
    A great way for you to support us whilst having a bit of a flutter!

    How it works (high level) …

    £24 buys you one membership number (for a year) which enters you into the monthly draw. Over the year, the prizes will total more than 48% of the annual income. All remaining funds go to the BVF fund to help fund future village events, support our nominated charities and for the betterment of Barton.

    From this – during the summer of 2020 - we have been able to make a further £1000 donation to Acorns Children’s Hospice.
    Any queries, please contact Charles Husbands (01789 772701 or charles_husbands@hotmail.com or Keith (01789 772229, keith@creoperformance.com)

    And the car Treasure Hunt that was cancelled in March 2020 is still waiting for the green light to go ahead….
    Date TBC - similar format to previous treasure hunts, but hopefully with more cars and maybe less arguments.

    If you have any ideas and/or feedback, please let us know.

      Welcome to the Barton website!

      Barton is a designated hamlet in South Warwickshire, very close to the borders of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and close to the Cotswolds. Stratford-upon-Avon is just a few miles to the east, and there are many other interesting attractions in the area, details of which you can find on this website.

      Barton was once famous for its cider apples, and whilst that may be in the past, you can certainly get a decent pint of cider in The Cottage of Content! We’re a small community, a real ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ kind of place. But as you’ll see, a lot goes on in Barton.

      Some of you will be aware that the site has been down for some time, which was due to a security issue with our hosting provider. Hopefully that has been resolved now, and we should not see any more downtime! This is a community website jointly funded by the Barton Village Fund and me – if you have anything you would like to see included or dates for the diary, please get in touch with me.

      Shaun Coward
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