The Barton Village Fund

If you have visited Barton recently, you will no doubt have seen or heard about the Barton Village Fund activities that have been taking place over the last few years. If you have yet to visit Barton, you don’t know what you are missing!

 We may be a small South Warwickshire village with around 90 inhabitants but there is a thriving community centered about our village hall, also known as ‘The Cottage of Content’. Actually it’s a pub, but it is also our meeting place where young and not so young gather regularly for arm extension exercises, grey-matter challenges and to learn how to walk home in a straight line!

Beneath the sleepy exterior there is a hotbed of activity. Once a month several local ladies meet at different locations to discuss the reasons why they have spent hours reading a book of someone else’s choice. Truthfully this is a veiled attempt at disguising their wine tasting and gossip club. Meanwhile, co-incidentally once a month, a gathering of men frequents the village hall to talk about their fantasies, sorry, Fantasy Football teams performance, what they cooked themselves for dinner and why there seems to be an outbreak of raucous laughter from someone’s house.

And, in addition, many of the villagers work (and have fun) together for the betterment of local charities – and occasionally for the betterment of the village.
 Since 2006, we have donated nearly £45,000 to charities, benefactors including Warwickshire Air Ambulance, Macmillan and Acorns Children’s Hospice. 

We have a core group of supporters – if you would like to get (more) involved, please contact any member of the Committee.

The BVF committee meets frequently to discuss a range of events designed to build the community spirit in Barton and to have fun whilst doing something really worthwhile. Summer fetes have been held, the ambitious (yet still successful) Christmas Market, Car Treasure hunts, auctions of promises, quiz nights, and local walks (where people could be sponsored).

 Also through entry fees and prize donations, the village Fantasy Football League has contributed over £1000 to the Fund.
 We are working on our next activities!

Our website has a number of photos, so please take a browse though them to see what we get up to.

So there you have it – we may be a small village but we punch well above our weight when it comes to helping others.

 We hope to see you soon.

Full BVF Committee Listing:
Neil Green – Chairman
Ian Barnes – Treasurer
Kay Atkins – Secretary
Charles Husbands
Keith Goodchild
Paul Fleming
Julia Barton-Reynolds
Jules Reynolds